The Fresh, Clean Slate

  • Jeromey Shafer for Mayor
  • Eva Arce for City Council District 1
  • Victor Aguilar for City Council District 3
  • Maxine Oliver-Benson for City Council District 5

San Leandro deserves positive change and vision. Our candidates will:

Restore Integrity

San Leandrans deserve officials who take direction from community members, not lobbyists and financial contributors. Fresh, Clean Slate candidates do not accept financial contributions from any special interests - we are here to serve you.

Bring Back Accountability and Professionalism

San Leandro is facing a housing crisis and a budget deficit - made greater by our City Council’s generous bon voyage gift to the unprofessional outgoing City Manager. San Leandrans deserve leaders that will act with professionalism and hold the City Manager accountable. Fresh, Clean Slate candidates are competent and respectful of the privilege that it means to serve the people.

Strengthen Community

Our community is threatened by raising rents that are putting seniors on the streets and forcing families to move far away. Fresh, Clean Slate candidates will pass a rent stabilization ordinance to make sure our neighbors don’t end up homeless.

“I’m excited by the vision and commitment shown by the candidates of the Fresh Clean Slate. It’s time we get elected officials who want to work together to solve our city’s issues and move San Leandro forward”. Mike Katz-Lacabe, former San Leandro School Board President.

Jeromey Shafer is the father of a Washington Elementary student and a former staffer with the San Leandro Education Foundation. A former delegate for Bernie Sanders, Jeromey co-founded San Leandro for Bernie and co-chairs Our Revolution San Leandro.

Eva Arce is an IT manager and symphony chorus singer. She lived in Brooklyn before making her home in San Leandro.

Victor Aguilar is a member of the San Leandro School Board. If elected, he’ll be the first openly gay member of the San Leandro City Council.

Maxine Oliver-Benson is a life-long community organizer. A former member of numerous government bodies including the Alameda County Commission on the Status of Women and the Alameda County Oversight Commission, she is the Vice-Chair of the Alameda County Housing and Community Development Advisory Board.

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