Why I'm Running

When our daughter started public school here, my wife and I decided I would leave my management job, so I could focus on expanding education opportunities for her and all San Leandro students. I want them to grow up in a community that is safe, stable, and fully embraces San Leandro’s diversity.
San Leandro faces tremendous challenges. We deserve a competent and professional City government. Even with tax hikes, the City is running huge budget deficits threatening cuts to vital services. Our streets remain full of potholes and our budget deficit increases every year as do our unfunded pension liabilities.

My Commitment to San Leandro

I will be a fulltime Mayor and work tirelessly to turn San Leandro around. I will restore transparency and accountability to City Hall. We deserve a city where public money is spent on public works, recreational facilities and social services. No more excessive payouts. Using my skills and experience as a manager, I will balance the budget without another sales tax.

My Platform

We must tackle the housing crisis

Rising rents are pushing our seniors and young families out of their homes, putting elderly people on the streets and destabilizing our communities. We need rent control, just cause for evictions, and assistance for homeowners under threat of foreclosure. As our city grows, we must preserve our neighborhoods. We must empower working families and protect our neighbors from displacement and discrimination. We need more houses, not more warehouses!

Integrity in Government

San Leandro deserves a fresh, clean start. I will not accept donations from corporations or apartment associations. I am limiting all campaign contributions to $99. Our city can’t thrive with the same old routine. We need bold, decisive action on housing, education, environment and governance, not handwringing half-measures. As the city’s mayor, I will be solely and entirely dedicated to the people, and to no one else.

Organizing Our Community and Supporting Education

As father of a Washington Elementary student, I’ve been a dedicated community organizer fighting for education opportunities, tenant's rights and fair wages in San Leandro, while realizing a more progressive, clean vision for our city's future. I am a former manager and treasurer at the San Francisco Symphony and Program Coordinator for the San Leandro Educational Foundation.
During the Bernie Sanders campaign I organized volunteers all over the Bay Area. I was a campaign “super volunteer” and canvasing coordinator for San Leandro. I'm a member of the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee, Elected member of the Assembly District 18 Democratic State Central Committee and was a Delegate to the 2016 Democratic National Convention for Bernie Sanders. I cofounded and am the Co-coordinator and Steering Committee Chair of Our Revolution San Leandro, from which we’ve fought for Sanctuary City, divestment from pipeline funding banks, and rent control and tenants’ rights.