Do you want our political leaders to put the interests of the People of San Leandro first? I do and that is why I am running for City Council. I will listen to you, speak honestly and stay true to my principles.
As a San Leandro Unified School District Board Trustee, I know how to balance a budget. I will bring fiscal common sense back to City Hall. I will end the City policy of allowing construction of massive warehouses with few employees served by heavy trucks that pollute our neighborhoods. I will promote new housing next to public transit, and reject developments that violate our zoning code. San Leandro renters are struggling to make ends meet. I will reverse the City ban on rent control and vote for reasonable limits on rent increases.
As a proud gay person of Latino heritage, I have experienced the sting of discrimination. I will help make San Leandro a more tolerant, welcoming city for all.
Our children are our future. I will create a real city/school partnership to help all children succeed. Our seniors deserve our respect and support. I will protect senior programs including the shuttle service from budget cuts. I respectfully ask for your vote.